Transport de personnes avec Chauffeur en minivan Genève Suisse

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About us

Company Shahadat Pickup

Shahadat Pickup logo with blue minibus with airplane wings

Legal information

  • Shahadat PickUp
  • entreprise individuelle
  • Transport professionnel de personnes
  • Numéro IDE CHE-340.564.256
  • Rue Maurice-Braillard 1
  • 1202 Genève Suisse


I created this small business in december 2018 and started the activity in the course of 2019. The idea behind it was to offer an affordable service for families with children and for groups by sharing a minibus between airport transfers and accompanied school transport. The vehicle is very convenient for strollers, luggage and other and it is of "standard" or "economy" category. Reasonably priced service is possible by sharing vehicle costs for these two activities. I hold the official limousine / VTC card from Geneva bureau in charge of taxis and limousines as well as a professional drivers licence for personal transport D1.

Alena Shahadat


Contact info

  • Alena Shahadat
  • Contact personnel :
  • alikgator (arrobase) posteo.net
  • tél : 076 764 06 10
  • Jami username: alikgator

Short Biography

I come from the Czech Republic, I studied at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Geneva, and I am a professional driver. I have the official Taxi/VTC card mandatory in the canton of Geneva. I adhere to the ethical principles of Free Software and I gladly tinker on GNU/Linux even if most of the time I don't know what I am doing. This website was written entirely on the GNU Emacs editor and I currently have the free Operating System Trisquel on my computer.

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Author: Alena Shahadat

Created: 2022-02-13 So 21:26